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Gilgil Hills Girls Boarding was a product of pupils demand since the boys school which was the initial school performed absolutely excellent driving more parents to enroll their daughters in the academic, in the year since then the girls have showed a very high degree of performance to add the fuehrer in the cap, performing well in co-curricular activities. The girls work body and soul, tooth and nail to raise the academic banner high. The girls section consists of pupils from far and wide due to its ever blazing production of talented girls not only academically but also in public takes and debates.

The school is situated at a very tranquil and spacious environment that is conducive for proper grazing of information academically. The classes are spacious thus enhancing proper carrying out of activities like science experiments, social studies displays and many more. The field is spacious which allow all kinds of games that a prestigious school can have. The swimming pool and swings are up to standard allowing zonal, districts and national galas.

Gilgil Hills Girls Boarding primary has a very rich spiritual background where we nourish our girls spiritually. We cuter for all denominations and religions since our strongest pillar is ‘God is our protector’ Since change is as good as a rest, we always make an extra mile of breaking the learning monotony by visiting different parts of our country and making trips internationally. The girls have had an opportunity of visiting amazing areas within the country like Menengai crater, Pakerra Irrigation Scheme, Lake Nakuru, Mombasa, Mt Kenya where they acquaint themselves with our rich culture and national heritage. They have also visited Egypt (where they were made aware of major physical features and man-made features like lake Nasser, Israel, China, Dubai, Singapore, Malysia to mention but just a few.

Our Core Values:

  • Godliness
  • Diligence & Self Drive
  • Respect
  • Professionalism
  • Integrity
  • Team Spirit


Gilgil Hills Girls School section has soared way miles to produce refined girls in academic and co-curricular activities. We always believe that by educating a girl child you educate the whole nation thus eliminating any gender disparities in cases of personal and national Development and focus on bringing objectives through girl child education.

We cannot forget to maintain our dedicated security men who burn the midnight oil taking care of us and ensuring that we enjoy our sleep soundly.

The school has a dispensary that is fully equipped with the necessary khits, we also have a qualified doctor and nurses who takes care of the health of our girls

Since neatness is paramount we have our very own beauty parlor where our girls are neatly done their hair leaving then feeling confident and glamorous

Our dormitories are spacious and more so accompanied by cool colours thus lulling the girls to sleep soundly after a very tiresome day. With the presence of our matrons our girls feel parental love and protection in the dormitories.

Our cooks are dedicated to their work; they always prepare scrumptious meals comprised of a balanced diet in every main meal. After the main meal the girls are given dessert to suppress the already eaten food thus avoiding stomach upsets.

The journey of emerging the best nationally has not become easy, our teachers who are of high professionalism, toil and moil to make sure they produce the best pupils. We are winners who don’t believe they can give up. It takes Gilgil Girls Boarding School focus, Discipline, Hard work, consistency, character and above all we nurture self-belief aspect of becoming allergic to mediocrity and always raise our voices to rebuke insanity. Our driving force is co-operation, discipline and above all God our protector. That’s what Gilgil Hills Girls is all about.

We raise their self- esteem through clubs like drama, journalism, motivational and public speaking, debate, scouts, Band that has all kinds of musical instruments and scouts. All these clubs expose our girls to wide view of the world and enhance them develop creative thinking especially in the developing countries.

The school uniform is just but perfectly selected. Our girls wear a cotton checked skirt matched with a white blouse, a red tie and a well badged cardigan during the sunny days they’re allowed to wear a red badged wind breaker sweater. The black, leather shoes are accompanied by white long socks.