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Gilgil Hills boy’s school was established in the year 1993 as Gilgil Hill Academy purely for the boy child by the late Director (Chairman) Dr. Isaac Waithaka. Although the boys school is masculine in nature, it has given birth to other schools and an ECDE COLLEGE called ST MONICAH. We pride ourselves in carrying the academic excellence torch high by pitching our tent at the heart of our almighty God by a strong belief and conviction of our three pillars namely: – The fear of God, Discipline and Hard work along with these fundamental beliefs, the school has a team, the winning team that is formidable, able and versatile teachers who are immensely gifted in curriculum and co-curriculum activities.

The school is situated in an ample and serene atmosphere conducive for learning within and outside class. We pride ourselves with e-learning facilities: a well stocked computer laboratory Equipped library, numerous clubs and societies, sports disciplines in ball games, truck and field, ultra modern swimming pool, scouting movement and the school band that is second only to the Kenya Defense forces band.

The school has a rich spiritual background cutting across the Christian denomination and the Muslim faith. These departments are headed by the school chaplain and our Islamic cleric (teacher). Within the Christian faithful, the Protestants, catholic and SDAs all worship God under one domain except the S.D.A on Saturdays. Lastly, man can not discover new oceans unless he has courage to leave the shore. We have always travelled by organizing school trips within Kenya and Internationally. Our pupils have had opportunity to visit key areas like the United Nations Nairobi office, the Kenyan parliament in session, the National Museum, Bomas of Kenya Safari Walk, Lord Ergerton Castle, Menengai crater, Thomson falls. We have toured Egypt, Israel, Dubai, South Africa, Tanzania and many more to come.

Our Core Values:

  • Godliness
  • Diligence & Self Drive
  • Respect
  • Professionalism
  • Integrity
  • Team Spirit


Gilgil Hills Schools boys section has always strived to educate and equip the boys with necessary skills like emotional intelligence, social skills development as well as leadership so as to empower our boys to be vibrant young men rising from their circumstances and ready to take on the world in serving humanity in various capacities. For us the sky is the lower limit.

We have never believed in enquiring on pupils in curriculum activities only but by empowering them with other complementary genres of clubs and societies. We have had a variety of clubs namely: Motivational and public speaking, United Nations, East Africa model club, The Kenya Red Cross society, Wild life, Environmental, Scouts Movement and band, Journalism, Film, Drama and art, tae kwo -do, scramble, math’s club and Debate club .

This has built our boys self esteem, encourage leadership and cooperate and exposing them to different culture and races making them to be global citizens who have endowed wit majority of ideas and solutions to global problems.

A well balanced diet is integral for the growth and development of our boys. This is evidenced by the wealth of health that is visible in our boys. Good balanced diet brings good balanced results and robust health. This is utilized in their co- curriculum activities and the energy being used is courtesy of our exemplary diet.

Although money can buy bed but not sleep, we have ensured that after the day’s work, our boys can sleep comfortably in well maintained dormitory with fire fighting equipments and trained dorm patrons and teachers on fire fighting drills and measure.

We have always been the best above the best in the Nation and in the County, for instance in the last years K.C.P.E, we had a mean score of 410.43 and were the first school in the county and among the best nationally. Being the best is one thing while maintaining the standards is another task.

We are always broken academic records by taking all trophies in educational days at the Sub County and county level in all subjects. We shall not look East or West in the striving for excellence but we shall look forward towards our ultimate goal of attaining the best places in the National, County and sub- county levels as our minimum standards.

We have competed not only in class but in the field and track events; nay the water bodies (swimming) our boy’s soccer, Handball and basket ball team made a name as the best and the toughest that any opponent fears meeting.

Our athletes have competed effectively up to national levels and swimmers on the other hand have defended our naval bases by scooping medals in various swimming competition galas and water polo.The school appreciates and encourages everyone to use their God given talents and abilities to maximize their full potential